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Zhejiang Chemical Industry Research Institute Chem-Tech Machinery Factory is professionally engaged in researching¡¢developing and producing powder mixing¡¢drying¡¢milling¡¢separating machines. We hold specialties of process, devices, electrical apparatus, etc. and class 1, 2 pressure vessel design license, also supply powder mixing examination¡¢analysis and test according to all kinds of requests. We possessed does dozens of national patents and our products are already applied in lots of fields, such as pigment¡¢building materials¡¢medicine¡¢foodstuff¡¢feedstuff¡¢metallurgy¡¢pesticide, and so on. According to the unique demand from different working conditions, we have developed and made new equipments for plastic additive, extinguishing dry powder, cellulose, environmental protection industry, etc.
We brought No.1 dry powder mixer into China from abroad on 1984. Over 30 years, we already could manufacture large mixer machine with 30 cubic meters volume. Our technical group developed vertical blender, horizontal blender, air-flow mixer, reaction mixer, etc. Some of high-level mixer machine are already exported to all over the world.
Advance with the times, we are keeping researching high-tech and high- value machinery equipment along with environmental protection and green power development. For example, new type sludge dryer and continuous mixing machine are designed and manufactured.
Feel free to contact us for any questions regarding powder production. Thanks for your time.

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